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30/10/ Owner of Matshita UJDA Combo drive should make a look here. - NEW RPC-1 patched firmware for: Philips DVD+RW-D01 Patch by Dean. The package includes original stock firmware, RPC1 with Rip Lock, and Rip Lock only. The patched firmware also include the @ patch so could be. The solution to get your drive region free is to load another firmware which firmware version so you should download the patched firmware , not any.

All the firmwares include RPC1 and Auto-Reset patches, several firmwares also have bitsetting patches. Please check the firmware details page on the drive. A firmware patch is a special piece of software written for a specific DVD the Regional checks, thus making the drive region-free (RPC1 stands for region free) . ANY DVD error message says that i need to get a RPC1 patch to make it work with No - Panasonic drives are RPC locked via firmware so not.

What difference between RPC1 and region code auto-reset patch? Is bt firmware included rpc1 or auto-reset? If in Firmware information we.

Try to assign on, or try to find a RPC1 patched firmware at WHAT in the WORLD does that mean???? phew!!! thank you anyone.

Patching a DVD firmware to make it region-free. by xvi. Version History. FEB Minor modifications. NOV Corrected some typos and.

I need to buy a new DVD writer and would like it to be RPC1. I'd rather get a free RPC1 firmware (if these are available for any current drive) than pay $50 or so for Many Samsung DVD-RW drivers are RPC-1 patched.

The file typically includes two files of KB size, one original and one RPC1 patched firmware - In Finder drop the Just be aware that patching the firmware is at your own risk. xflash utility from to backup my firmware. SB04 - patched RPC1 (CDFreaks Edition - DVD-R lead-in fix) I flashed my SH- SA drive with the modified firmware and although the drive.

Run a google search for "RPC1 firmware DVD-ROM". You'll need to flash in a new firmware to patch the drive for RPC1 operation. I've got a unibody MB with an LG GS21N superdrive with SA17 firmware. There is a patched firmware here. In fact, Apple withdrew SuperDrive firmware update after widespread HBEA , KBVB, KCVB (RPC1 patched) firmwares for the UJ and UJD. If you don't want RPC1 you could go back to standard firmware using.

one of these firmware (patch by Hijacker) R_Xzip Patched X RPC -1 (ONLY for drives with 10xx firmware) R_Xzip Patched X RPC

Start and follow the instructions. The dump tools creates two files of ~kb size, an original and an RPC1 patched firmware. When you flash your drive with a region free firmware (RPC-1), you remove the region and if they decide to do so, you will still need a software patch in the long run. . The Dangerous Brothers website. +The firmware included are the ones that the "Apple Superdrive " update offered for Matshita drives - except the ones in this archive have RPC1 patches. If you don't want RPC1 you could go back to standard firmware.

rpc1 and rpc2; Cinavia Protection .. A firmware that has been patched to RPC1 doesn't care, on any level, what region(s) the disc has. Here's RPC1 patched firmware for these models. Download the flash tool, unzip, unrar and flash. Only the SH-SN firmware is tested, but. I set the firmware region to R2 when I bought it and that is all it will deal with. .. For RPC1 patched Matshita firmwares have a look at.

Looks like has region free firmware for a DVD drive I can get local ( brick Has anyone ever patched their drives for region free (painless process?).

I have successfully installed a patched version of the Marklar The burner was patched to RPC1 region free firmware under Win XP.

With original firmware only +R DL media will be book typed to DVD-ROM - firmware including booktype and RPC1 patch. believe the Apple firmware (KAS7) would be about the same as LiteOn. KS07 in LiteOn SOHWS KS0B patched firmware rpc1" because Apple System. Better still, once you have the firmware number do a search at " target="_new">The Firmware.

As always, the Mac specific section of remains the place to go . patch- writing community at to create region-free firmware for.

fixed RPC1 patch for PIONEER DVD-RW DVR/ firmwares Had to disable the extra code Pioneer added in the RPC handling of firmware to get . You can try to find a RPC1 patched firmware at is the cause -- the blu-ray burner is a Matshita (Panasonic) UJQ with v firmware. Samsung RPC1 (Region Free) Firmwares Hard Drives + Optical Drives. I really need a Samsung SH-SA patched RPC1 firmware.

Download firmware for Matshita drives. Latest Firmware Releases Date, Drive, Version, Date, Drive, Version. 16/02/, Matshita UJS, Q, 22/05/ .

I had a Pioneer DVR drive running firmware--the latest (as of Trying to run patched firmware () only.

I installed a second DVD drive which has been flashed to RPC I'm wondering if this app knows .. upgrade your firmware to patched version. Reply 3 replies. Excellent tool; got the latest firmware from Pioneer, load up the firmware in MCSE , check the RPC1 patch box and if desired, read speed. Basically the idea is the firmware is dumped from your drive, a rpc1 patched firmware is created and then you'd flash the drive with the newly.

Search for RPC1 vs RPC2 if your interested more deeply in this issue. models, the firmware can be updated with an unofficial RPC1 patch.

This is the A firmware patched to work on a A, and includes RPC1 patch. @ Original Stock Firmware Binary. This stores the region code in the DVD drive's firmware. DVD player's remote control, or by patching the firmware chip, if a patch is available. Download the relevant Pioneer firmware for your DVD drive model. for this drive allows patching of the above firmware for RPC1 (region free).

is a popular website run by C0deKing and Kanalratte that tools with an easy-to-use GUI to patch DVD burner firmware. Your only option is to find a patched firmware for your drive, just follow Change drive region or update drive firmware from enabled support for Pioneer K15 firmware (untested) 01 Dec added RPC1 patch for LG GSA-H2x/H3x/H5x firmwares This patch (and also.

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