Friskies Games For Cats!

Watch the latest Friskies® videos, play games for cats and humans, create DIY cat toys and more. Almost as much fun as an empty box!. More fish is more fun in Cat Fishing 2! Friskies® new Cat Fishing 2 is an all-new game designed especially for cats. Tap “start” and get ready to watch your cat. Friskies® is excited to feed your cats' senses with these new games made just for cats. The colors, movement, and game-play have been.

Keep your cat entertained with Happy Wings or Cat Fishing, free to download for IOS or Android. Or call him for dinner with Call-your-Cat - the fun is endless!. Download games for cats, iPhone games, Android games. Browse our interactive content and find the entertainment you're looking for. Friskies® is excited to feed your cats' senses with interactive games made just for cats.

Do you have a cat? Does your cat like to play or stare at things? If you answered yes to zero or more of those questions, then you should try out this game!. Purina Friskies not only wants to feed your cat, but keep him entertained too, with a new set of feline-targeted iPad/tablet games, Games for. Friskies® new Cat Fishing 2 is an all-new game designed especially for cats. Tap “start” and get ready to watch your cat go for the catch of the day. The more she.

If your cat is the pampered sort that has everything, it may be time to get your feline its own iPad or Android tablet. Friskies has a line of games. This app akin to Cat Fishing and Games for Cats, but instead of mice, butterflies and fishes, your cat will chase insects!!!. Friskies Cat Fishing 2 is a fishing game for cats. It's a really simple game. Fish surface on the water and then submerge when tapped. It keeps.

Well, I'm here to tell you that letting your cats play with iPad cat toys is the most fun This game by Friskies was definitely one of the favorites.

Party Mix-Up -- Yes, in this game your cat gets to catch Friskies Party Mix cat treats. Does this sound basically like subliminal advertising. There are already a few iPad games you can buy for your cat, but now Purina's Friskies has become the first pet-food brand to capitalize on the. If you're still on the fence about buying an iPad, here's one more reason to get one: It will entertain your cat. Friskies, the Purina cat food brand.

Friskies' three new tablet games just for cats greatly widen the feline sphere of influence over technology. Does Fluffy have her own iPad? If not, then you might have to share. Friskies has developed a line of tablet-optimized gaming apps for cats. Cat Fishing 2 is made my Friskies specifically for cats. The premise of the game is simple enough for any cat to understand. Brightly colored fish.

Purina Friskies cat food has issued a challenge for game developers to create the next great game for cats. Seriously, Purina is looking for. Get now the Best ipad games for cats, including Cat Game, Catch The Mouse Cat Game "Friskies JitterBug is an excellent game for cats, as well as for people. friskies. Couch fishing is really catching on. To play this game, send your cat to ! via yukigabriel

Here, at Nestlé Purina PetCare headquarters, Friskies product manager Shaun Belongie helps create eight flavors of cat food each year. Friskies is hosting its first "Games for Cats" hackathon, a unique game jam aimed specifically at designing games for fuzzy felines. Cats are uniquely suited to play video games and watch images on a Friskies has fully embraced the age of technology with new apps for.

Now you can bring these two parts of your life together, because Friskies has released three new games designed exclusively for cats. Why not get your cat involved in Friskies iPad games to have them purring with delight?. Friskies, the cat-food company, has been producing digital games for cats since Titles include Cat Fishing, JitterBug and Pull 'n Play, and.

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